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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The past few days have felt incredibly spring-like and I have to admit that the weather and the sunshine is lifting my mood. Combined with other things I'm sure, it's making me happier and I feel like I have more energy.

The movie Friday night was a marathon. I'm used to watching movies in the comfort of my basement where we have a pretty good setup. Watchmen must have been well over 2 hours because I was starting to get sore from sitting. The movie itself was pretty good, just a little long.

Saturday was a beautiful day. J had two guys over to work on a friend's truck for many many hours. I enjoyed my leisure time and got my laundry done, went for a run and had a nap - all things I wanted to do. That night, J and I went out separate ways. He went with some friends to a bar downtown with the sole purpose of consuming many beers (mission accomplished!) while I went to a bar not-quite-downtown to celebrate a friend's birthday. My night was much tamer than J's: I was home before midnight and I did not puke.

Sunday was my social day. I went to see my parents in the morning and then went shopping with SJ. While we were out, J washed SJ's car and put on a piece that will stop the back bumper from being scratched. Her car was shiny and new when we got back. We went and had dinner with her and J's parents that night.

The only thing missing from my weekend was a trip to the grocery store and that was done Monday after work.

Yesterday after work we went to College Square to find me a spring jacket. I don't know if all the planets aligned or what, but we walked into the store, went right to where the jackets were, and found one, in my size, that was perfect. It was everything I wanted in a coat. This never happens to me. Happy as a clam, wearing my new coat, we continued shopping. Not finding a single other thing did nothing to dampen my spirits. Believe me when I say that I love this coat.

And today. Today is the day that I make a final decision on what to do about my job. Truth is, I've already made the decision and I feel a ton of relief. Today I'll tell my boss my decision. Big day.

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