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Thursday, March 5, 2009


I made the mistake today of falling asleep after work. I slept for a solid three hours and now I'm wondering if I will ever get to sleep. I was able to sleep so long because J went out. This is a good story: his dentist gave him tickets to see the Sens. No joke. J picked up his braces this week (Invisalign which are cool) and I guess made nice with the dentist enough so that when he couldn't attend a game, he thought of J. J took his friend JP. I slept.

This has been one of the longest weeks at work that I can remember. I don't want to get into details, but I don't agree with my boss on certain things (probably most things actually) and ended up pretty mad most of Tuesday. I took Wednesday off, which helped a ton. But back to work today obviously took its toll on my body so that I was exhausted by the time we left. I'm glad tomorrow is Friday and thankful that we have plans both tomorrow night and Saturday night. Filling up the weekend is the best way to forget about work and not feel Monday morning like Friday afternoon was mere hours before.

Since my last post, which was forever ago I know, I've done lots. We went to Moxie's for SB's birthday. We sat at a huge round table under a neat glowing light. J and his friends drank lots of beer. Sunday, we had dinner with J's parents and sister. Monday is when all hell broke out at work. The hell continued to Tuesday. Tuesday, J got his new braces. Wednesday, I stayed home for a much needed mental health day. And today is today. Now you're all caught up.

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  1. Hi,
    New here and fellow Ottawan blogger. I love the name of your blog! It is truly awesome!:)
    How can you NOT fall asleep these days at around 4-6pm? Its so dark and dreary.