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Friday, March 13, 2009


I had my first ever massage after work yesterday. What an experience!

I've been having pain in my leg and my doctor thinks it's a nerve thing in my back. Sure enough, the massage therapist was able to pinpoint the exact location. This appointment was a general one but my next appointment will be more focused. She thinks she'll be able to get me better in one or two more sessions.

While I was there, J went to Canadian Tire and bought things. Not things I would have bought, but he was happy. We went and had dinner with his mom afterwards and then went home to see Sandy.

I am ridiculously behind in my laundry - I have to go downstairs every morning to get a pair of clean socks (why can't I just bring the clean clothes up and start the process again? I don't know.)

Backing up to my last post, games night at S&L's was a good time. The game, At Wit's End, was really hard and often made me feel pretty dumb, but at least I wasn't alone. Most of this past week was the routine of go to work and come home, eat and fall asleep. Not very exciting. Tonight though we're going to see Watchmen. I finally saw a preview this morning and agreed to go. Apparently it's good. We shall see.

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