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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big weekend

This was the fullest weekend in the past while, by far. Friday night J and I went to IKEA and bought a new computer desk. We spent a while building and then reorganzed the office. It's a nice little desk and soon enough will be a nice little room. For now, there are papers everywhere, but that's how we do things. Then we watched What Happens in Vegas. The movie was better than expected with some really funny lines, the best one being "Are you sure you know how to drive an automatic?"

Saturday was my dad's birthday so we went over. I blew up balloons in the car on the way and when we showed up, I threw them out the car door at my dad who was standing in the driveway. It was nice to see him smile and laugh at my ridiculous idea. Max, the dog, didn't like the balloons at all.

That night we went downtown for JP's birthday. We went to Minglewoods and ate and drank and laughed while JP did a disco dance that ended with some enthusiastic hip thrusts. I left J to consume more pitchers with the birthday boy and went home. I was home after midnight and J not until after 2am. It was a fun night.

Today we had (breakfast for) lunch with S&L and L's parents. It was a nice visit. We made another trip to IKEA on the way home and had more building to do this afternoon. Sandy has taken over Rolo's role as helper which makes J happy. Happy until I break a part of the newest piece. But of course that's what I do. Ug.

Not sure what this week will bring, but it's getting warmer out and the days are getting longer. And with the potential new job coming soon, work seems much less hard. At least I didn't spend the day hungover like some people I know.

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