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Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm old and sick

I turned one year older and then got super sick.

My birthday this year was even more low key than last year's celebration. I woke up really early but was nice and left my sleeping beauty in bed for hours. S&L stopped by after seeing a house in our neighbourhood then my parents stopped by. My parents hadn't been over since we got the piano. I thought it had been so long that they forgot who I was because they came with this fancy wine holder thingy. I don't drink wine. Turns out, they stuffed a whole bunch of work socks into the wine holder. They know me afterall.

I had a relaxing day when J went out on the town. Then we had A&S and S&L over for dinner and cake. Dinner was free pizza - the best kind - and the cake was a chocolate oatmeal concoction that Sylvia made. It was REALLY chocolatey.

Sunday I got the sleep in I was looking for but I woke up with a nasty cold. That night we had dinner with J's family. We didn't stay late so I could get back to the couch. No kidding, this is possibly the worst cold I've ever had.

I stayed home from work Monday and Tuesday and again Thursday. I went in Wednesday and today to get some important things done. Turns out the people before me didn't get their pieces done on time so I couldn't get mine done. I had a really bad week at work last week so it was nice to spend this week mostly on the couch. Sandy liked having me home too.

Today I sent J on his way. He and 7 friends are going to Tremblant for the weekend. He has plans to snowboard and I have plans to avoid shoveling the driveway. I may see my family and see my friends, or I may lie on the couch all weekend. We will see.

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  1. +1 vote for couch.

    It loves you and misses the quality time.