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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 Wrap Up

I've been thinking about this post for a long time. I have so much to tell you. 2008 was a busy year.

In January, I had the chance to act as section head at work for my group. It was harder than I thought it would be and I came out with an eye twitch that lasted until April. I also turned one year older. Something I plan on doing again real soon.

In February I went skiing for the first time in a lot of years. I didn't break any bones, even with a massive wipe-out, and experienced a hot tub in the middle of winter. Snowpants, bikini top and a touque - sexy!

March was a month of excitement. J, A and I almost died when we flew down an icy road backwards in A's parent's van trying to get up to the abandoned mine in Quebec. J also, very discreetly, whispered to me that he got the pretty hygienist when he went to have his wisdom teeth pulled. In his drug-induced state, the whole dentist's office heard his proclamation. Poor high J.

April was the month for birthdays. Who wasn't born in April? It was also when the snow started melting and therefore the pictures we took got a little less white and grey.. more brown and dogshit. That's a colour, right?

The biggest event in May was our trip to Europe for C&S's wedding. It was our first time in Europe and our first time traveling with friends. Pretty exciting.

June was my baseball team's only tournament. We had a good time in Grafton which is middle-of-nowhere, Ontario. I loved the city so much, I traveled back a week or two later for JW's wedding. My brother, his girlfriend and his friends were very good at keeping both my hands full of alcohol. Trying to swipe my room key at some wee hour in the morning to the room I was sharing with my parents while unable to even keep my eyes open was an experience.

July was the month of summer: HOPE beach volleyball tournament at Mooney's bay, cottage weekend with my family and one with friends, and our 4th anniversary. It was also the month that our little cats turned 4. They're getting so old!

When I said July was the month of summer, I really meant that August was the month of summer. August was full of cottage parties and drinking on patios and birthdays and BC's wedding.

September was a big birthday month and really the kick off to A&S's wedding with showers and a full-on bachelorette party. I'm surprised we survived that day - make up, drinks, dinner, more drinks, bar number 1, an entire men's soccer team, more drinks, bar number 2, more drinks, some walking in the rain, some crying in the parking lot and eventually some passing out. It was also a huge month for me - I ran a half marathon after training all summer. Incredible.

October was an emotional month. It was full of photo outings with the leaves changing colours, A&S got married, we saw Cirque du Soleil, we lost Rolo and J went to Toronto for a week. I'm not sure I'm fully recovered from October yet.

Most of November I was out of it. We did our usual hikes and took lots of pictures. We had American Thanksgiving and lots of family dinners and bought an electric piano.

December was incredibly busy. There was work and work lunches and family dinners and dinners with friends and birthdays and Christmas and everything that comes with that - shopping, wrapping, worrying about not sending out cards, cookie exchanges, feeling sick after eating too many cookies, having friends go home and come home. The month ended without a bang: J and I spent New Year's together. It was nice but not typical. No friends, no noise makers, no jello shots and no kissing at midnight. We watched some movies and I lost the battle with myself and fell asleep before midnight. My conclusion: I'm getting old.

Now that 2009 is here, I'm hopeful. I'm looking forward to another year that is just waiting to be filled with the things I love doing. I'm not one to make resolutions, so I didn't, but I did reflect on the last year and think about things I maybe want to do more of and things that I could do less of. 2009 is going to be a big year and we're kicking it off with a trip to Mexico! Who knows where else we'll go or what else we'll do. Anything is possible.

Check out my Project 365 to see a picture for every day of 2008.

Oh the places you'll go...
Dr. Seuss


  1. Oh, and I meant to add, if you end up in Mayan Riviera, let me know. We got married there and did several tours. It's gorgeous.