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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

J and I loved the Trans-Siberian Orchestra show last year so when I got an email about pre-sale tickets forever ago, we bought some. Tickets for us and also for SM, LS and S&L.

J and I met S&L for pho before the show. Poor SM was doing a french test so the four of us met SM and LS at the show. We were sitting to the left of the stage, near the front.

The show was similar to last year's but still good. And this year they had a female violinist who was awesome. She made me want to play the violin so I can only imagine what the boys were thinking.

The lights were crazy. I'm almost sure I had a seizure at one point when the bright white lights were flashing.

My creation

The best part though was when three of the members of the band "entered the stage" by being lowered down from the rafters on these platforms. That was fun.

I would recommend the show when they come back next year.

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  1. Sounds like Cirque de Orchestra to me! looks like a good time...maybe next year...

    Are any of the performers Siberian?