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Monday, December 22, 2008


The time leading up to Christmas is strange. People get a little crazy and put up all sorts of decorations and lights and start baking like it's their job. They go to malls and spend lots of money, finding that perfect gift. There are lunches and dinners and parties and gift exchanges and get togethers. And it all leads up to one day - Christmas.

Christmas is generally pretty chaotic. It used to be that I would rush home after finishing my last exam, start and finish all my shopping, see as many friends as I could, drink and be merry, and see my family for the traditional things. Things are different now that I'm out of school and living in my home town. I get my shopping done early, I hardly bother with cards and don't bake. I see some friends that come to town but I see more family. We sometimes rush between my family and J's family, but we try to balance the two as best we can.

We slowly get the house decorated for Christmas: putting up lights, putting out some candles, and eventually getting the tree up. The tree isn't a big deal because we don't have many ornaments (can't when you have cats).

I think the biggest thing for me around this time of year is seeing just how cranky people get. It goes against the whole idea of Christmas. I'm not a religious person, nor do I enjoy Christmas carols or eggnog for that matter, but people are just awful around Christmas. Our worlds move so quickly and to add all the obligations this time of year, often not-so-spectacular weather, and the stress of seeing everyone you possibly can... people just lose it. It's interesting.

All that to say, I'm happy it's almost Christmas. I've seen a bunch of family already and will see more in the days to come. I will give gifts and receive some. I'll eat all the turkey I possibly can and groan when my belly is too full. I'll avoid singing Christmas carols.

And then I'll be happy when it's all done and people can go back to being their regular selves, though full of turkey and eggnog.

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