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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Driving 101

My driving has been steadily improving. This is my last week with J in town so I made a bold statement Monday morning: I was going to drive to and from work each day this week! Monday was a little shaky. Tuesday it snowed and J decided it would be better if he drove. Yesterday was a little better. This morning I had no problem.

Being in stop-and-go traffic for multiple hours in one week is trial by fire. You either get it or you don't. I'm happy to say that I am much more confident driving than I was a week ago.

I even took the car out by myself for about an hour and a half (two 45 minutes trips) last night. My leg is really sore. I've been told you get used to clutching but still get shaky after about 30 minutes of stop and go.

I'm a little embarassed to say that while I was super new, I was completely unable to do anything other than drive. I would do something wrong, ask J why the car was shaking/making that weird noise/bucking around wildly, and not be able to listen to his response. It was sad. But now! Now I can carry on a conversation and the car doesn't suffer the consequences.

I am officially getting there. The true test will be next week when I am left to my own devices. I get nervous just thinking about it....

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  1. Don't worry - you're going to do GREAT! Sounds like you've already improved exponentially! Once you're get the hang of it, driving a manual is so much more fun - you'll wonder why you ever drove automatic :)