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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas was a little crazy this year. First there was the party with my dad's side of the family. It was out in the country at my cousin's boyfriend's house. There was pool and ping pong and darts and air hockey, food and wine and beer, and a silly gift exchange.

P365 Day 356 December 21  IMG_4155 (Medium)

Next we had dinner with A&S and S&L. Good food, good company, cookies by the fire. A&S even surprised us with a gift each. J and I scored a crock pot! I've wanted one for a long time.

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Christmas Eve we chose to skip a family dinner with J's family and instead go to LB's house for a dinner party. LB's family has a tradition where they get a bottle of vodka and go around the table during dinner doing shots until the bottle is gone. J, LB, SB's parents, JP and CC did the shots like champs and everyone was quite festive. We had a ton of food, vodka, wine and even saw Santa who came to give LB's 2-year-old son a present. I drove us home on sheer ice.

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Christmas Day was busy. I woke up early, super excited to give J his present. Since we bought the piano we decided we weren't getting anything for each other, but I couldn't resist getting J a stuffed Wall-E and Eve from the movie Wall-E. They are so cute. J was surprisingly not hung over, so we headed over to his parent's house pretty early. We opened presents there and then went to his grandparent's house. We saw his whole family and opened more presents.

We left not long after lunch to head to my parent's place. We opened more presents there and had our first turkey dinner. The food was good and it was nice seeing my parents, my brother and his girlfriend and the deer.

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After dinner we headed back to J's grandparent's house for another turkey dinner. J ate again like a champ but I couldn't handle more food. We were actually home pretty early, exhausted from the excitement of the day, and all the turkey, and happy to see Sandy.

Boxing Day we avoided the malls but bought some things online. We managed to score another dinner with family, but again were home pretty early to spend some time alone together. Seeing everyone is nice and that's what you do at Christmas, but it's also so nice having some time just lying on the couch in your own house.

Another couple of dinners with J's family to round out the Christmas week, but yesterday it was back to work, for a few days at least. Still trying to figure out plans for New Year's.

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