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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thank you

A big thank you to our family and friends who have been SO supportive this past week. Like they say, when it rains it pours and we definitely have had a rough go.

Our little family is recovering. Sandy is almost her usual self. She is a little clingy and a little loud, but she is coping. She's even spending more time with J than she did before. I think she can tell he needs the lovin just as much as I do.

IMG_3852 (Medium)

Life goes on and that means dealing with things like a broken dishwasher. Our dishwasher, which we bought when we got the house less than two years ago, is already broken. A guy came last week but the replacement motor he brought wasn't the right one and so he left with the promise that he'll order the correct motor and will be back. We haven't heard from him yet. So two people that hate cleaning in general and dishes specifically have been doing dishes only when absolutely necessary. Where are the dish fairies?

IMG_3864 (Medium)

Hallowe'en also came and went. This is what I think about that:

P365 Day 305 October 31  IMG_3866 (Medium)

But ducks make me happy. We went with S&L and A to Mud Lake and saw plenty of ducks. It was a nice day and I'm glad we got out.

IMG_3870 (Medium)

Poor S (of A&S) couldn't join us so we went over after our walk and hung out and eventually pigged out on chinese food.

Whole set - Mud Lake.

P365 Day 306 November 1  IMG_3780 (Medium)

And the big news round here is that we bought a new car. We should have it next week so stay tuned....

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