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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Running out of time

I feel like I am running out of time. There are things that I have to do or be able to do by a certain date. For example, I have to bake 4 dozen cookies by 7pm tonight and I have to know how to drive the new car by December 15th. It's amazing what a little pressure will do.

The cookies I chose for tonight - for my 4th annual Christmas Cookie Exchange - are called Chocolate Crinkle. I tested out the recipe earlier this week and got good feedback from the test subjects (my and J's coworkers). I meant to bake them yesterday so I wouldn't have to worry about it today, but that didn't happen. So this morning I made the dough and threw it in the fridge. Not sure why it has to be refrigerated, but it does. I am a good girl and follow instructions. Three hours later, time to bake! I haven't done the final count, but I have well over the 4 dozen cookies required for the exchange. Phew!

The car. I have been out driving a bunch of times, always with J and hardly on big roads. Mostly at night too when there are fewer cars on the road. I tend to get a little panicky when I have someone behind me. I hate that I can't always get going as fast as I'd like to and I'm always worried about stalling. But I'm getting there and actually took the little car out on my own today. I went to the grocery store (I'm positive J will be ecstatic when he doesn't always have to do groceries with me) to pick up some food and some prizes for tonight.

I made it there and back without stalling and actually only had one hitch - I tried to start it in 3rd gear again. And succeeded! But bad. I know that. I wish there was a little thing on the dash that would show me what gear I was in. Without J in the car I tend to talk to myself.. you know, the typical pep talk: "I can do this! I'm doing great! I haven't stalled yet - it's a miracle!" When I finally get back home and turn off the car, I feel a big sense of accomplishment and of relief. Eventually driving won't be so hard.

Maybe I'm not running out of time after all....

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