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Monday, November 24, 2008


I joke with my coworkers that I'm so stealthy that I'm actually a ninja. We've had many conversations that end with people rolling around on the floor - apparently the idea of me being a ninja is hilarious. J just might sometimes call me a "clomper-saurus" among other, non-ninja names.

So anyways, this comes up at least once a week, me being all ninja-esque. So much so that one day this week, a coworker of mine came into my office with a huge gron on her face. She tells me to close my eyes and put out my hand. I'm a little worried, but also expecting chocolate.

I open my eyes and see this:

P365 Day 326 November 21  IMG_3969 (Medium)

It's a JoNinja. It's so cute.

IMG_3972 (Medium)

But as you can see from the tag that came with my little JoNinja, you're supposed to attach it and its little bell to your enemies so they can't sneak up on you. I've attached it to my purse which completely defeats the purpose. Ah well, it's really cute.

IMG_3973 (Medium)

And I have a genius plan for my little joninja - I'm going to take it on our future trips and take pictures of it around the world, a la gnome from the travel commercials. You know the ones. Little JoNinja, you are giong to be a world traveller!

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