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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's short

I knew I wanted to cut my hair. I didn't know how short. I went to my regular girl, told her I wasn't sure. She combs it out, pulls it and puts the scissors against my hair. "How about here?" she asks. "Sure" I said. Turns out, that was really high up because I have super short hair now.

P365 Day 323 November 18  IMG_3951 (Medium)

I've had it shorter and I will get used to it. We'll just have to see how it goes tomorrow morning when I'm left to my own devices for making it look good. No more throwing it back in a pony tail.


  1. The Flickr photos look great! :)

  2. hey, there's something different about you... I can't quite place it.

    wait wait, did you get your hair cut? ;-) I knew it!

  3. Swexy!

    New hair, new Let's go shopping and get some new clothes.
    And then we're gonna have to have some kind of soiree to show off. Martinis?