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Thursday, October 2, 2008

SW's Bachelorette Party

As promised....

For weeks, LP, JB and I planned a whole night of activities for SW for her bachelorette party. First we took her to the MAC store to have her make up done. She looked smokin:

IMG_3645 (Medium)

We took the party to Metropolitan for drinks, but not too many.

IMG_3648 (Medium)

Then it was off to Cornerstone for dinner with all the girls.

P365 Day 271 September 27  IMG_3649 (Medium)

We gave SW a bag full of goodies. We dressed her up in devil horns with a red veil, a shot glass on a necklace and lacy white gloves. We gave her a book full of challenges for her to complete over the night.

After dinner it was off to the first bar for drinking and dancing and a whole lot of fun with a soccer team and a bunch of frosh on a pub crawl. SW was a trooper and got through a lot of the challenges in her book.

The second bar was more of a club so there was a lot more dancing. We all wore glow-in-the-dark bracelets and had a lot of fun.

The night was capped off with a lot of walking in the rain downtown and trying to figure out rides and emotions (girls get a little wonky when they drink). My hope is that SW had a great last night out as a single girl (well, a non-married girl). You looked stunning, S.


  1. Thankd Batman, I had an amazing time, thanks to you girls. Definetly a great memory which I will keep with me always :)