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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lots and lots

Lots has happened since I last posted, and even before that since I was trying to catch up on posting about the wedding. Let's start with Thanksgiving. Since J and I started dating back in 2001, this year's Thanksgiving was the least busy. We had one family dinner and that's it. Good thing too since we were in Hawkesbury for most of the weekend. We were home Sunday for I can't remember how long before heading to my parent's place. My brother, SA, was in town (he was in Slovakia last year so it was nice to have him there) with his girlfriend, M. We did the typical family things: took a group picture, had dinner, played cards.

IMG_3719 (Medium)

I had diet coke spilled all over me and J got two magnets caught on his arm hair. Never uneventful. J also made a giraffe out of the pieces holding my wedding bouquet together (the bouquet found a new life in my parent's house).

P365 Day 286 October 12  IMG_3722 (Medium)

We didn't have other family dinners because J's family was all out of town.

J and I went for a hike with S&L on Pine Grove Trail. I think that was the holiday Monday. Thank goodness for that day. It was a day of recovery and laundry. The hike was nice.

IMG_3730 (Medium)

(Whole set - Pine Grove Trail)

The week after the wedding and Thanksgiving I hardly went to work. I stayed home feeling like crap. At least the cats were happy and I was happy to catch up on all the tv I'd missed the week before.

I was finally feeling more like myself Friday so we had S&L over for dinner. Saturday we went to a party at LS&S's place (J works with LS). I hadn't seen that group of people forever and one of the couples had recently gotten engaged so there was lots to talk about.

Sunday we went to Little Italy for brunch with S&L. We stopped at the Arboretum on the way home. The weather was perfect and I got to climb the big beautiful tree that I had only seen from the street (while driving, biking, busing or running past).

IMG_3770 (Medium)

(Whole set - The Arboretum)

After the Arboretum, we picked up J's rental car. Now he's in Toronto for training. He left Sunday afternoon and will be back Friday night. We've been talking using Skype which is really nice.

IMG_3792 (Medium)

People have been taking good care of me this week. His parents fed me Sunday night, S came over to hang out Monday night and S&L fed me last night. Tonight was my first night alone.. well, alone with the tv and the cats. Rolo has really been missing J but he cuddled up with me tonight. Sandy is under him under the blanket.

IMG_3796 (Medium)

Only two more nights alone.

If you're interested, the Ski Show is happening this weekend.

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