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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gatineau Park - Fall Colours

Even though we're all sick, S&L and J and I decided to head over to Gatineau to hike around Pink Lake. This was an afternoon dealie because we (J and K) like our sleep-ins. We met at the info center to get a map. Very useful.

Until you go off the map. That's right, off roading. The Pink Lake parking lot was full so we kept driving until we came to the Mackenzie King Estate. We hiked around the area where Mackenzie King lived (? I'm not really sure. I didn't actually read any of the information plaque things that are everywhere. Oops.) and took some trails that weren't on the little map we had. No matter, we're adventurers.

IMG_3678 (Medium)

It was the perfect day though, just chilly enough for me to wear my tuke! There's something so comforting about the first tuke-wearing day of the year. That could be just me....

P365 Day 278 October 4  IMG_3691 (Medium)

But really, the weather was beautiful and being outside was a nice break from being a sickie inside. Though after 2 hours or however long we were out there, we were ready for the couch. But not before getting food. We stopped at The Works. I think they should have named the burger I chose the "messiest, don't eat this in front of cute boys" burger. I was covered in sauce but it was delicious.

We watched Iron Man and all tried to stay awake. Party animals I tell you. I had only seen one preview for the movie, but really liked it.

Check out the whole set from our hike on Flickr.

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  1. too bad we had a houseful of guests and a wedding to prepare for, otherwise we would have joined you for sure! I love fall colour.