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Friday, October 10, 2008

Cirque du Soleil!

I've always wanted to see a Cirque show and last night I finally did! Corteo is playing in town so J and I went with S&L (I should mention that L is NOT sick unlike what I implied in my previous post and J is no longer sick.)

After work yesterday, J and I went to Moore's to buy him a tie for the wedding tomorrow. It's black with orange in it to match my dress. He's going to look sharp.

Because of our stop and some crazy insane traffic we didn't get home as early as expected and so I scrambled to make us food before we had to leave. There was tuna helper in the cupboard so I made that. BIG mistake. J smelled it and remembered that it had made him sick last winter. I ate half of my bowl and felt gross.

With upset bellies we hopped in the car. The show was right beside a big mall so we stopped in and bought Pepto. Friends, my first Cirque show and my first gulp of Pepto all in the same night. The Pepto was disgusting but my stomach did feel better.

Now, the show! The show was incredible! If you can make it out, you really should go. The athleticism, musicality, and strength of all the performers was spectacular. I'm not the gushy kind of person, but it really was an amazing show. Oh, and the abs on the guys... wow.

Maybe because I grew up doing ballet and gymnastics (possibly something you didn't know about me) I left there wanting to run away and join the circus. I'm not sure what I would specialize in exactly, but it would be something cool. It was all pretty cool.

This was our last outing before the big wedding this weekend. We got home from the show after a quick stop at McDonalds (you know, some quality food after the dinner from hell) and started packing. The plan is to leave this afternoon from work, get to town in time for the rehearsal at the church, check into the hotel before dinner and then collapse into bed. I am sick you know. Or maybe we'll hit up the only club in town. I made sure to pack my dancing shoes.

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