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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A&S Rehearsal Day

Rehearsal day started off with almost an entire day of work. J and I left a little before 3pm and took the scenic route to Hawkesbury. We got to town with enough time to check into the hotel before heading to the church. We found the church okay and found our friends. The rehearsal went well: we walked, we stood, we sat, we listened and we talked. It was interesting.. not something I'd ever done before.

We got to meet S's family, which was nice. Then we went to a local restaurant for dinner. After dinner, A&S gave each couple in the wedding party a bottle of wine and an AH Photography original framed picture. I'm hoping it will go over our fireplace.

IMG_3707 (Medium)

After dinner, we went to the golf club to finish decorating the hall. There wasn't much left to do so we played around with the photobooth set up.

P365 Day 284 October 10  IMG_3561 (Medium)

The original plan was to head out to the only club in town, but with (almost) everyone feeling somewhat sick we opted to go back to the hotel instead. S&L and J and I were sharing a room (the only way L and I could convince the boys to stay in town that night) and I definitely pulled the sleep-over giggle fit when the lights went out. I'm extremely mature.

Everyone was really excited for the big day and it was only one sleep away.

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  1. I love that picture of the four of you testing out the picture area! What a day it was! We will have to have a little after party to celebrate our celebration!!