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Saturday, October 18, 2008

A&S Get Hitched

We woke up early and started getting ready. Well, L and I did. S woke up, stumbled to breakfast and came back to the room and J didn't get up at all. Slacker.

L and I packed up the car and left the boys. We met the girls at the hair salon. It was three or four hours of standing and sitting and talking and finally getting our hair done.

Then we went to one of A's aunt's houses to get ready. J was super and brought us food while we put on our make up and dresses and got S all ready to go. We did some pictures in the garden outside then hopped in the car and headed to the church.

IMG_3579 (Medium)

The ceremony went well. A only cried a little (sorry A, but it was really cute!) and S's voice held up so her vows were not only in Dutch but in a sexy gravelly voice.

My creation

Here they are, all married and happy:

P365 Day 285 October 11  IMG_3608 (Medium)

After a group shot at the church, we headed to the golf course for the photos. For me, it was a very strange thing. We were hanging out; A&S, their families, the wedding party... and so many of those people were couples. J was at the hall setting up the photobooth and taking pictures. I felt incredibly lonely and I didn't have my camera and feel like I missed about a million great pictures.

After pictures, it was almost time for dinner. We were like celebrities and were introduced as we entered the hall. It was fun. Dinner was good, the speeches were good, the slideshow S's dad did was funny. J MC'd very well, even after a lot of wine. Then we danced. We danced until the hall closed.

It was a great time. Congratulations A&S and thank you for including me in your big day. I can't wait to see all of T's pictures.

My whole set on Flickr.

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  1. You are being kind when you say I only cried a little. Although it has been a rough week on the stock market, it seems that Kleenex inc. has reported a strong increase in demand. Drawing the connection between these two statements is left as an exercise for the reader...

    Like you, I can't wait until the 'official' photos start rolling in. And I'm curious to see the photobooth results too. And look at J all multi-talented; power sleeper, taxi, meals-on-wheels, photobooth guy, MC, dance instructor to my little cousins...