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Monday, September 15, 2008

We have patio furniture!

I stayed home Wednesday because the patio furniture was getting delievered. They said they would be there between 12 and 5pm. I was a good little housewife and did laundry and cleaned. I spent some time on the internet and watching tv. J would call and other people would email and ask if the patio set had been delivered yet. Nope, no deliveries.

It was 5pm when I called J to complain that the guy still hadn't come. He did the manly thing and called the store to ask what the the heck was going on. "Oh, we said 12 until 6pm" they said. Rrright.

At 5:45pm the truck showed up and was actually still sitting outside the house when J got home (late) from work. He didn't even go inside because he wanted it all put together NOW. So that's what we did - sat in the garage putting together chair after chair and then the table.

IMG_3416 (Medium)

The chairs were easier to assemble than the IKEA dining room chairs and the set looks really good on the new deck.

IMG_3419 (Medium)

It's always nice to have something nice that you got for cheap. We've been out there at least 4 times already and love it. The cats however do not love when we hang out in the back and have spent many hours screaming at the back door. Maybe they need some comfy chairs to sit on too.

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