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Monday, September 1, 2008

The long weekend of parties

I figured that, being a long weekend, everyone would have left town and we would be pretty free to do whatever. Boy, was I wrong! We had tons of stuff scheduled this weekend but still managed some down time to hang out at home. Beautiful.

We kicked off the weekend by going to see Hamlet 2 with a bunch of friends. The movie was funny but almost too awkward for me. Definitely not one you have to see in the theatre. It was a long week so we went home after the movie and collapsed into bed.

Saturday we didn't have anywhere to be until 5 so I worked on my tan and my book while J puttered around doing house and deck things. It was nice to spend some time at home, though the cats weren't happy about us being outside.

After 5 we were at S&J's place for their deck party. JW is amazing and had a ton of food. The whole party made me feel old because there were babies and toddlers everywhere. Thankfully C is like me and was someone I could talk to about non-baby things.

IMG_3466 (Medium)

We left after about 3 hours to head over to S&L's for their end of summer party. Kind of depressing, no? There weren't too many people there so it was nice to get the chance to meet S&L's friends and actually spend some time talking to them. Turns out they're really nice.

What else is nice is the random neighbours who climb across the balconies between the houses and show up on the deck. Their poor wife and girlfriend showed up the conventional way (at the front door) and said over and over again how embarassed they were. We thought it was funny.

IMG_3472 (Medium)

Other random happenings of the night include an impromtu highschool-esque dance party on the deck and staying up until after 5am. That was a bad idea, fun at the time, but we definitely paid for it Sunday.

Sunday J and I were home for about an hour. The poor cats were mega confused when we showed up mid-morning, showered and changed, and grabbed all of the stuff we needed for the day, and headed right back out. We went right back to S&L's so I could grab L and get to JB's house for SW's bridal shower.

A few hiccups here and there, but we finally got everyone together at JB's house for the shower. About 15 minutes later, the boys rolled in. We had them all come for a game where SW is blindfolded, feels the guys legs and has to guess which one is A.

IMG_3479 (Medium)

She picked A out of the crowd, but apparently had a hard time picking between A and J. Good times. There were other games and present opening and food and drinks. I think SW had a good time. She definitely didn't mind hamming it up for the camera.

IMG_3503 (Medium)

Six of us went for dinner afterwards (me and J, A&S and S&L). A&S were definitely the most exciting and least exhausted, but J did have his moments.

IMG_3505 (Medium)

We went to S&L's to drop off their stuff and pick up ours. We ended up watching Hot Fuzz, but it was a struggle to stay awake. I'm impressed we were awake past 8pm. Thankfully J drove home because I was nodding off the whole time. I was asleep about 2 minutes after we got home.

I slept for 11 hours and still needed a nap today. I conked out after my parents left and before we went to J's parent's place. Like I said, it was a hugely busy weekend but so nice to have so many things to do and people to see. It's going to make going back to work somewhat bearable. I say this now....

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  1. Great picture taking and photo selection for the blog post.

    The picture of the crazy neighbours really captures the moment. Outrageous yet oddly normal for the neighbourhood.