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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Running, dressing and fall tv

Sundays are normally the long-slow-distance days, but more often than not I am too busy to dedicate any amount of time to running that day. So my long runs happen on Mondays. This past Monday, after taking almost 2 full weeks off, I went out to run 20K. My ankle felt strong but my body wasn't too happy. I went 19.5K and thought the lower half of my body was going to pack up and leave me for doing that to it.

After moaning and groaning and finally trying to make my muscles feel better by soaking them in the tub, I signed up for the race. I am officially entered in my first half marathon.

IMG_3551 (Medium)

Won't you all be happy when the race is finally over so you don't have to read about me and my running self anymore?

Tuesday night, L and I went with SW to have our dresses fitted. The seamstress, R, was very down to earth and friendly and competent. It was so nice to have the dress on, all pinned to my body in all the right places. It felt really good.

IMG_3553 (Medium)

We left our dresses with her and will hopefully hear something next week. We are a month away. Today. A&S, your day is almost here.

Okay, now let me just talk about tv for a minute. I forgot just how much I love it! We watched the season premier of Prison Break last night and So You Think You Can Dance Canada tonight. Grey's Anatomy and Dancing with the Stars both start at the end of the month and I can't wait. Yay fall tv!


  1. Congrats on signing up for the race, that is so exciting. I am sure you are going to do wonderful!