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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Playing Catch Up

So much has happened in the past week and I haven't been keeping up with much of anything. And now I think I'm getting sick. It's a great combination.

The first good thing about being sick is you get to stay home from work. Along with that, you get to catch up on the million hours of tv you have recorded if you're like me. I've been watching tv like it's my job. I'm much better at watching tv than I am at my job. Food for thought.

So anyways, after the race last Sunday (two Sundays ago actually), S&L, J and I went to J's parent's house. They all had coffee and L got burned. It was a nice out. The four of us went to Cora's for breakfast food and had a super fun waitress who made fun of us for drinking water and being "eggs and bacon" boring (S). It was such a nice day that I wanted to keep moving, but there wasn't enough time. Time only for a shower at home until we had to be at J's grandparent's house for dinner.

By then, the four of us who ran (me, SJ, and J's parents) were extremely sore and exhausted. We ate and it wasn't long before it was time to go home.

That, like I said, was two Sundays ago. I haven't run since. I've been missing it though. I woke up a couple of days feeling sad for no reason. But it's okay because I have a 5K race tomorrow. Sick or not, raining or not, I will be running. It's for charity, part of the huge United Way campaign. Working for the federal government, you are expected to donate to the United Way. I don't. But I will do things like pay some money to run. That makes more sense to me.

Other than that, L and I went and picked up our altered bridesmaid dresses (the dress fits!), we did some last minute bachelorette planning and shopping and I'm sure a million other things. I swear I wasn't home one single night last week.

Saturday was SW's bachelorette party. This deserves a post of its own so I will do that. Later.

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  1. Amazing work on your run, and have fun tomorrow too. The United Way campaign kind of plays like an office stick-up with the government, eh?

    My goal is every year that I'm employed is to pay a set amount out to three or four charities: one environmental (often David Suzuki Foundation), one social (halfway house or animal shelter), and one local. The fourth is usually me giving bits and pieces to kids canvasing my neighbourhood. I like that routine because it's easy to claim on taxes, easy to say no to people canvassing (not kids though, blast them!) and easy to directly help the things I support.

    Anyway, I can't wait to have a job again! There's the only no-kill animal shelter north of 60 in whitehorse and I think I'm going to choose them to support next. Although, possibly not the only reason I'm excited to work again.