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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Friday night and Saturday

Friday night, my big bad plan was to spend the night in. I didn't want to go anywhere, I didn't want to see anyone, I didn't want to stay up late. Well, I didn't go anywhere, but J had some people over and I managed to stay up later than I wanted to.

LS's sub wasn't working - or maybe it was his amp - so he brought the sub over to plug into our amp. It was definitely the sub. The boys then played RockBand together and had a sweaty party in the basement. Gross. KW&SB showed up a little later.

J played around with the new 50mm lens and got some nice pictures.

My creation

I think my favourite is one of me and Sandy.

P365 Day 249 September 5  IMG_3345 (Medium)

Saturday I got myself up early to make my way to the Ottawa Wedding Show which I was working yet again. The show was the busiest I've ever seen and the day actually passed quickly. J got up with me and drove me in so he could have the car. He came and picked me up and when I got home was like a little kid showing me everything he had done - vacuumed, changed the oil, made banana bread, cleaned the glass table tops, worked on the deck... I'm sure I'm missing something. He was such a good house husband.

I was hardly home when S&L showed up. We had a great dinner and then played Balderdash and watched a movie. I sucked at the game, but had a good time.

My creation

This is how Sandy spent a lot of the night:

IMG_3375 (Medium)

Very cute. I stayed up way later than I should have but it was definitely worth it. And normally that would be the end of the weekend activities, but not this weekend. More to come on a big Sunday.

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