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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crusty and Crafty

The goings on in my life aren't terribly exciting these days. The two main things that I have to report are crusty and crafty.

Starting with crusty... our little boy cat's eye was really goopy (that's the technical term). We were thinking he probably had an eye infection so J, on his day off, took Rolo to the vet. The vet loved Rolo except when Rolo brought out his bad boy growls. The vet left and came back with huge gloves, obviously afraid of being chomped on. We've dealt with this before with vet techs and vets and I don't blame them one bit, but we know our cat. He is the sissiest cat but hisses a lot. J convinced the vet to let him hold Rolo while she did her thing. Rolo was totally fine in J's arms.

The vet thinks he has a blocked tear duct hence all the goop and gave us some eye drops. She also checked his heart murmur and his teeth and the little white bump on his head. Our cats are nothing if not interesting.

So J gets home with little Rolo in his case, lets him out and the first thing Sandy does is hisses at him. She hissed at him all day. And still does every now and then, three days later. The case is still sitting in the front hall and Rolo goes in whenever he passes it. Sandy does not. It's the weirdest thing.

IMG_3586 (Medium)

That's the part about crusty, now for the part about crafty... About a month ago, a coworker of mine (OM) and his wife had a baby. And then there was a baby shower for another coworker (LP) who was due this week. Yesterday was another baby shower for yet another coworker (RM) so I finally got crafting.

IMG_3592 (Medium)

I chose two designs (the whale and the sea horse) and created another (the turtle), I cut them out and ironed the stencils on. I painted and blow dried and peeled the stencils off.

IMG_3594 (Medium)

I crafted three onesies for three babies, all in about 45 minutes. All while J was drumming his little heart out to RockBand 2. How's that for crafty? All my freezer paper stencils can be found on my Flickr set.

I delivered OM's onesies with apologies for being so late. I sent J off to work with LP's onesie because he works with her boyfriend and I gave RH hers at her shower. One out of three ain't bad.

What's bad is that there are three more people due in the next little bit so I'm going to have to do this all over again very soon. Oh, make that 4 people. The last one is in December so I have some time.

Does anyone else feel like they are in the center of a baby boom? Thankfully, so far, it's only at work. My friends are still in the getting-married phase for the most part.

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