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Friday, August 15, 2008

Worn out and run down

After going out every night last week I was feeling completely worn out. I was supposed to get my hair cut yesterday after work and I was supposed to run 7K. I did neither. I left work early (don't tell my boss) and went home. I did some internetting then went to Home Depot with J only because he promised we could get Swiss Chalet. Waaay better than cooking. I ate and then was in bed before 9pm. I think it's a new record for me. And I slept right through until almost 8am this morning. I'm feeling much better today.

J's still enjoying his time off. I think the cats like having him around though not when he gets out the camera and papparazzi-es Sandy with it. He did get a great shot of her though:

IMG_3276 (Medium)

The deck building is still going well (see last post for a link to J's very own deck blog) with no more injuries, at least that I've heard. The plan is to frame up everything today so that all the boards can be put in tomorrow. He even recruited JP to help on his day off. They're bonding over the smell of Western red cedar. If you want to take part in the deck build and have some time, come by tomorrow. J will definitely put you to work. If you want to just come and hang out tomorrow, that's what I'll be doing, feel free to come by. I won't make you build anything, except maybe a drink for yourself.

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