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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The crazy storm that shook the city

I was sitting at work Monday afternoon when it started getting dark. I looked out the window and saw this:

IMG_3317 (Medium)

I immediately called J at work and we decided to leave early to beat the rain. We made it to the car but we didn't make it home before the heavy rain started. The drive was incredibly slow. There was a lot of water on the roads.

IMG_3320 (Medium)

I thought we were struck by lightning twice and thought my heart was going to stop.

And then the hail started. It was much louder than the rain and J was worried about it damaging the paint.

IMG_3323 (Medium)

We finally got home and got out of the car in the garage. Our garage door opener has battery back-up, which was a good thing because the power was out and stayed out for about 2 hours. The rain and thunder and lightning lasted for hours.

P365 Day 231 August 18  IMG_3329 (Medium)

Needless to say, we didn't go on the bike ride we had planned that night. We stayed inside listening to the rain and the thunder.

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  1. we've has such a rainy summer over here. big big storms, thunder and lightening, lots of water, it's been glorious. I love a chance to cozy up and drink tea, and also get a break form the heat. And, selfishly, when you are supposed to be holed up writing a thesis 10 hours a day, it help to know you couldn't go outside even if you wanted to.

    Those clouds look amazing!My dad always told me that if you're out in a lightning storm and you feel your whole body start to tingle, throw yourself on the ground so the lightning takes the shortest route through you to the ground. Still not sure if he was serious, though...