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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My big plan for my bachelorette evening (J's at work until at least 10pm) was to relax a bit, run 6K, do some laundry and maybe watch some tv. I got the relaxing and eating done and got geared up for my run. I wasn't very far from home when I wiped out. Let me first say that I'm fine. I have a headache from the pain, but nothing some advil won't make go away.

I don't even want to tell this story, but since I use this blog as a diary and often go back to see when I did certain things, I will.

I was running on the sidewalk on a street right near my house. There was a couple walking ahead of me so I went to go on the road so I could pass them. The street still isn't paved properly so there's a step down between the curb and the road. It was dark and I didn't see the step and went over on my ankle. I actually rolled right into the street, banging up my knee and my wrist in the process.

I must have scared the walking couple because they ran over to see if I was alright. They stayed with me until I picked myself up off the ground and got off the road. I thanked them and hobbled home. Like I said, I'm fine. My ankle, knee and wrist are sore but I'm okay.

Because I was feeling sorry for myself I cracked open a can of pop and munched on some chips. I just need some chocolate and I'll be fine.

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  1. no rolling of ankles before race day! I'm glad you're ok in the end. Chips fix everything.

  2. Ooww boo, that sucks, dont go pulling an S on me now, one down with a concussion is good enough as it is. Im glad you are going to be ok, and really thereis nothing better for a sore head than chips :D... maybe ice cream ;)