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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I am runner VS I run

I was running today and having a very hard go at it. I started training for this 1/2 marathon at the end of June and I have completed 6 weeks of training. I had a big debate with myself today while fighting to make it a mere 5 kilometers, cramping like nobody's business, about whether I should consider myself a runner. I decided that I can't. I'm just a girl who runs.

But, as a girl who runs, I decided I needed some new running stuff. And I had a coupon for the Running Room. I bought some running shorts, socks and a water bottle holder. All three things I convinced myself I needed.

So far I've only tried the shorts. They came with me today on my short run. They felt good once I got over the I'm-mostly-naked-in-public thoughts that were charging through my head. I do not know how people wear spandex comfortably.

P365 Day 225 August 12  IMG_3265 (Medium)

I've been tracking my training on a little chart thing I made for myself. I looked around at different sources, combined the best from each and cobbled together a training program that I somewhat follow. The interesting thing is that I tally up the total distance for every week. Since June 30th, I've run a total of 119 kilometers. That's about a 1/2 marathon a week. Now if only I could do that in one go and under 5 hours.

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  1. nice shorts!

    I think with shorts like that you can officially make the transition between 'girl that runs' and 'runner'... you definitely look the part now.