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Monday, August 18, 2008

Big weekend

It was a big weekend for me. Friday night we met S&L downtown for dinner. We spent hours at The Metropolitan. It was a nice dinner even though the service wasn't all that great and we had a very obnoxious woman right near us. I had a salad but steak was the popular choice for the evening.

We strolled around downtown afterwards and made our way to Parliament where Light and Sound show was going on. They project images and lights onto the actual parliament buildings. It was neat, but probably could have been a little more interesting.

IMG_3304 (Medium)

The national anthem was played at the end of the show. Growing up we heard the anthem every morning in school (I don't know if they still do that) but I hadn't heard it in a long time (probably the Sens game we went to back in September). This is a good shot of J and L during the anthem.

IMG_3286 (Medium)

During the day Saturday J worked on the deck. Richard stopped by and helped a little though he was quite happy to lounge around with me while J worked.

IMG_3287 (Medium)

I managed to suntan on the deck for the first timee. I did this after running, well, trying to run. I think it was a lack of protein that made for one of the worst runs since I started my training.

Saturday night we headed downtown with some of my coworkers and J's sister. We tried to go to one bar, but it had lost its liquor license the night before and was "closed for renovations", so we headed to another bar and set up camp there. It was an interesting night full of drinking and dancing and trying to avoid drunken boys and playing with a fire extinguisher and swollen eyes (poor SJ got a glass smashed into her eye by a guy on the dancefloor - her eye is a little swollen). We got home late and slept like champions.

IMG_3309 (Medium)

I made up for my crappy Saturday run Sunday afternoon when I ran 16K and felt great. My body felt strong and fast, though I was running as slow as I could.

J worked on the deck again Sunday afternoon. A came over to help and brought his circular saw which apparently came in handy. They put up railing posts.

IMG_3315 (Medium)

Sunday night we ordered Chinese food, watched some Olympics and the Disney / Pixar movie Cars (on lend from S&L). The movie was really cute, but I would have been happy had Owen Wilson not been the voice of the main character. I really don't like that guy.

We were in bed pretty early, which is a good thing because this morning was J's first day back at work after two weeks off. He had 750 emails to sort through. I had 4. I'm extremely popular at work.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the insane storm we drove through on our way home from work today. I have pictures and video of the craziness.

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  1. Ha, I like the person pointing over SJ's shoulder, like "look, that person's taking a picture!". everyone wants to be a star.

    Awesome looking weekend and deck, nice work. Oh, and 16k? wow.