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Monday, August 11, 2008

BC's Wedding

Saturday afternoon we got all decked out and headed out of town for BC's wedding. The wedding was all outside which could have been bad considering the summer we've been having, but the weather started out great and the rain held off the entire day.

There were some unique things at this wedding. The bride and bridal party arrived at the ceremony by boat.

IMG_3183 (Medium)

The centrepieces were fishbowls complete with fish. JP in the background was the one who won the fish. J named it Steve and then JP named it Fred Astaire and later Elmo. the poor fish is probably mega confused and borderline crazy.

IMG_3193 (Medium)

As with all Sharks weddings, all the girls wear teal, our team colour. KP, the groom, was given a Sharks jersey and proudly wore it with all of us for this picture.

IMG_3201 (Medium)

To get B and K to kiss, you had to go up to the mic, listen to a song, which would get cut off at some point. Then you had to sing the next line (a la Don't Forget the Lyrics). We went up there and thankfully the other girls knew the song because I sure didn't. JK had threatened to kiss me if we didn't get it right. Though so ended up planting a big one on my cheek later on.

Dinner was buffet style. The meat, beef and turkey, had been roasting on a spit all day. There was also a million kinds of cheeses and salads. The wine was homemade and a little strong, it gave J a really bad headache. He actually went and slept in the car during the slideshow and the fireworks.

The fireworks were set off by some of the guys in the wedding party at the end of the dock. By this time, it was pretty chilly so TS and I were cuddled together under her wrap, shivering.

IMG_3224 (Medium)

Like any other wedding there was dancing. The Sharks definitely spent some quality time on the dance floor.

IMG_3230 (Medium)

All in all it was a great wedding. Congratulations BC and K!!

P365 Day 222 August 9  IMG_3187 (Medium)

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