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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A wedding, a hike and a dinner

Thank goodness for long weekends. Work is too busy so having three days off in a row really is a life saver. J was on call so we had a weekend in town. Saturday afternoon, I sped off to CP's wedding ceremony. J stayed home to help the guy who was installing our central air (whoo! Central air!!) The ceremony was really nice. CP looked so happy.

IMG_3083 (Medium)

I didn't realize I was invited to the reception as well but I heard it was a good time. I definitely thought it would be after meeting some of the crazy boys in the wedding party.

P365 Day 215 August 2  IMG_3089 (Medium)

Instead we had S&L over and watched Vantage Point. The cats hadn't slept much all day with the aircon guy in and out of the house, so Rolo curled up with S after the movie and wouldn't get up. It was funny.

IMG_3094 (Medium)

Sunday we went in search of beavers on the Jack Pine Trail with S&L. We didn't find any, but we did see ducks and a heron (still trying to figure out which kind of heron), tons of fish, frogs, a feisty snake and deer.

IMG_3109 (Medium)

IMG_3128 (Medium)

IMG_3259 (Medium)

(Whole Set)

We met A&S at S&L's house for dinner, wine, a walk and good times. It was a really good night. J and I both drank so we stayed over, something we've never done before. It was worth it. The cats sure didn't think so but at least now they have a cool house.


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  2. ^^^^

    gotta love internet bots. They're finally coming to terms with the fact that not everyone wants a russian bride or che@p meds

    How did J keep a handle on that feisty snake? It looks like a handful!

  3. Alan, normally I would delete the spammy comments, but I won't now. That would make your comment sound strange!

    I don't know how J did it. We were joking though that the snake was going to go home to Mrs. Snake and tell her all about his day and how he was picked up by some huge guy and how he tried really hard to bite him.