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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sharks Season Complete

Last night was the last night of baseball for the year. We opted out of the league playoffs because too many of our girls were out of town. I'm not disappointed. The league has been crappy for the past bunch of years. Not going to Provincials next weekend is kind of bittersweet after going for the past 15 or so and doing so well in the past 3 especially. The long weekend in town will be nice though.

I did end the year on a high note: I hit a homerun. Not out of the park, because no actual girl could do that at our home diamond, but definitely a homerun. And I raa-a-an, I ran so fast around the bases that my legs are sore today. It was such a nice feeling to hit the ball solidly, pull it to right field (I bat left), and touch home plate and look up to see all of my teammates on the diamond clapping and cheering and waiting to give me high fives. I haven't seen that for about 8 years. A nice way to end it all... except the crappy ground out I had the next inning. They wouldn't let me not bat and I didn't take my teammate's advice and bunt, because that wouldn't really count. Hmph.

P365 Day 210 July 28  IMG_3041 (Medium)

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