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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Happy four years to us!

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I just went back and re-read what I wrote about our past anniversaries (2005, 2006 and 2007) only to realize that we are creatures of habit. This year was a little different. Our anniversary fell on a Thursday so we took that afternoon off. We didn't make any plans for the free afternoon which turned out to be a good thing since I wasn't feeling well and napped for 3 hours.

I redeemed myself by getting up so we could spend the evening together. We went to dinner at Baton Rouge. My chicken and fried apples and J's roast beef were really good. We walked around the Centrum for a while and found ourselves in Walmart. We bought some blinds and J installed them when we got home. Precariously.

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Doesn't sound like a very romantic day, but it was an "us" day and we had a good time. Two very funny things happened. 1) We were sitting in the computer room. Rolo was lying in the hall and I told J that Rolo wanted J to go pick him up. J says OK and gets up, knocks my metal water bottle over making a loud noise and by the time he got over to where Rolo was lying, Rolo was long gone. J: "That didn't go so well" in a defeated little voice. I laughed so hard! 2) After installing the blinds, we were in the kitchen putting the stuff away. J grabbed a bunch of plastic and spare pieces and went to put them in a plastic bag. They fell right through making another loud noise - the bag was actually a sleeve. I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face. We may not be romantic but we definitely have lots of fun together.

And we still need to decide on what to get. We always get something for the two of us: years 1 and 3 were new sheets and year 2 was a tent. What will year 4 be?

Friday night we had a party that was well-attended even though it was planned at the last minute and Bluesfest was going on. Thanks to everyone for coming!

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  1. Congratulations!

    Boy, that blind install does look precarious. And I'm jealous of your ladder. We've got a regular step ladder and a huge extension ladder, but nothing that I would ever consider taking on a set of stairs unless I had my life insurance policy paid up!