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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I was mentioning hotdogs...

I admit that when writing my last post I was cranky. Cranky happens.. they should put that on a t-shirt. Anyways, the thought of free hotdogs and pie was the silver lining in my not-so-great day last week. Well I did have my hotdogs, two of them. They were part of the annual BBQ at work. It was nice to have free food and nice to sit outside in a park instead of in the lunch room like I normally do. There were also events happening but I didn't take part. I had a meeting that afternoon that required I stay dry and not heat-stroked.

The meeting went well. Work overall is busy but going well. It's going to be a packed summer with a lot of things coming due and not a lot of time when everyone is at the office at the same time for meetings and things. But I guess that's typical of summertime.

The big news from last week was the arrival of our new cellphones. We were with one company and wanted to switch to another. We were waiting until our contract was over, but turns out it was over last fall. So we got sparkly new phones and were able to keep our old numbers.

IMG_3063 (Medium)

My new phone is an LG slide phone and is pink. With SJ's help, I've named her Scarlett. I've already read the entire user manual and scratched the screen. That's just how I roll.

P365 Day 179 June 27  IMG_2712 (Medium)

J's phone is the same but silver. I don't think he's come up with a name yet. We're both excited for the new phones but I will definitely miss Ruby. Almost 4 years together.. that's a long time.

132_3278 (Medium)

Friday night, after stopping in to help a friend move, we headed out to the cottage. The weather forecast wasn't great and turned out to be surprisingly accurate. It rained a lot of the day Saturday and wasn't that great Sunday either. But it was nice to be away from the house and responsible for absolutely nothing. I read through the entire user guide for my new phone and read a lot of my book. J loved being in the water and doing cottage-y things, including windsurfing, putting in the dock and swimming raft, getting attacked by leeches and teaching his sister how to windsurf. He was in heaven.

IMG_2728 (Medium)

I have more stories but no more pictures to accompany them. I went to upload the pictures only to find out that the video card in the desktop is fried. So we'll start the week (for the second time, once before Canada Day and now afterwards) with the promise of more posts and more pictures and more stories. Let's just hope this week isn't as full as last.

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