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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hoppy the Toad and Running Birthdays

After the enormously packed weekend last weekend, J took the day off work Tuesday. I should have, but I had things to do at work so I went in. I felt sick and miserable all day. J was home - he slept in and did what he wanted to do. He was outside in the backyard doing whatever he does in the backyard when he noticed something moving in the grass. It was a little toad that J named Hoppy.

P365 Day 197 July 15  IMG_3078 (Medium)

He went inside to get the camera and was able to find Hoppy again. He got some fun pictures. Who knew this little guy would be in our backyard.

Wednesday I was smart and stayed home. It was obvious I was exhausted when I was able to sleep 13 hours straight. That night was the 20-Minute Challenge at the Running Room. I screwed up and thought it started at 7 instead of 6 so we were late. No matter, we got our hats and coupons and ran almost 4K together.

IMG_2934 (Medium)

Then it was SJ's birthday dinner. We ate good food and amazing cake.

IMG_2940 (Medium)

Our two little cats share a birthday with SJ so I paparazzi-ed them when we got home.

IMG_2951 (Medium)

I stayed home the next day too and absolutely boiled in the house. Thankfully the cats have asked for central air for their birthday so we just might be getting one. Smart kitties.

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