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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Work has been slower than usual the past couple of weeks, but I am not complaining. It was so busy from January - April that I developed a nasty eye twitch that has only recently left. I'm using this downtime to, well, relax a little. Things are going to get hectic again real soon.

And besides, I cram full my personal life so I still don't get anywhere near eight hours of sleep a night. Does anyone?

Monday night was an early baseball game and if you can remember Monday at all it was a scorcher. It was one of the first Mondays that it didn't rain so that was good, but I was as wet as if it had. It was gross. Last night was beach volleyball and again it didn't rain but it was so muggy that a little rain might have been nice.

I cannot believe the weather so far this summer. I heard that it rained 22 days out of 30 in June and now it's more humid than ever. And somehow I have the best natural tan I've ever had. I really like being tanned and I know that it's bad for you and skin cancer and everything, but there's something so nice about spending some leisure time outside and having some colour....

I've been good so far with my 1/2 marathon training. I'm keeping track of everything I've done using Google Calendar which also has my personal schedule on it. It's all very handy. What isn't handy finding my shoes - we went to the Running Room last night only to find out that no RR store in Ontario had a pair in my size. But today when I phoned a local Sports 4 I was told that they not only have a pair and will hold it for me, but that the shoes are mega on sale. Awesome! New shoes for me!

So with my new shoes and my lack of work to do, I'm a happy camper. A tired happy camper.

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