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Friday, June 6, 2008

Who doesn't like babies?

Spring 2008 has been full of babies. But let me clarify - full of non-human babies. No one around here is full of babies.

We saw baby gooses at Andrew Hayden park a few weekends ago.

228_2868 (Medium)

And then we saw baby ducks at the construction site we pass every day on the way to work. I tried to get a picture as we zoomed along but was only able to get daddy duck.

The latest is the baby groundhogs that I can see from my window at work. You better believe I was standing at the window with two coworkers watching the baby groundhogs when our director walked up. What are you doing, she asked. Looking at baby groundhogs. Aren't they cute, we replied. Thankfully she thought they were cute and wasn't upset that we were wasting our time staring out the window.

I don't think I've ever seen a baby groundhog before. Walking to the parking lot today, I saw a little guy and his mom. When I dropped my camera case in my haste to get a snap, the sound scared the baby back into the hole. I took a picture of the momma groundhog:

IMG_2492 (Medium)

Then I waited. I was sure the baby would come out again. I was not disappointed:

IMG_2493 (Medium)

And then they kissed because they knew I was watching:

IMG_2495 (Medium)

Honestly, aren't they cute?

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