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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rock Lobster

I've spent the last bunch of days kicking myself. Kicking myself for not even thinking about wearing sunscreen on Saturday. See, J wanted to go windsurfing. That happens at the beach. With me so far? Good.

He packed all his gear into and onto the car while I got myself ready doing whatever I do. We got to the beach, the extremely windy beach, and set up shop - J in the water and me on the beach.

It wasn't 20 minutes when J was back on dry land saying the wind gusts were too much for him. But don't worry, he went out two more times and ended up having a good time.

P365 Day 159 June 7  IMG_2504 (Medium)

I read a whole bunch of my book. After a while We packed everything up and headed home. We went to S&L's for dinner and then out to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was a good movie, somewhat predictable but good. The whole night we knew we were burnt. Our skin felt tight and dry. It wasn't until we got home that we saw the extent of the burns. My skin is bright bright red, bordering on purple in places. I hurt.

Sunday was an uncomfortable day. And then so was Monday and Tuesday. We spent most of those three days in the house, hardly moving. The poor cats have never been thrown off my lap more times than in the past couple of days.

Tuesday night we were finally able to sleep almost normally and decided to go to work Wednesday. So Wednesday was my appearance at work since I've booked off today until next Thursday as my ME time. I rushed around to get everything ready for me to be gone. I wasn't able to get everything done and have already heard once from my boss, but that's okay. At least I'm not there.

And J has decided to try biking to work. We were worried about some of the roads between home and work but he said they were fine. And they will only get better once all the construction is done.

So last night I grabbed one of the fortune cookies that came with my Chinese food from last week and opened it up to find this, the best fortune I could have gotten:

IMG_2531 (Medium)

Definitely time for some ME time.


  1. holiday! holiday!

    My ancient family secret for dealing with sunburn? Noxema. Slather it on, somehow it moisturizes and helps turn the red into tan.

    Something tells me that I should have bought stock in Noxema after your day at the beach... glad you're feeling better now.

  2. yipes...sunburns are just the worst feeling. i hope you have some aloe, but I guess this is a god example of time heals all wounds. My pal did her research and came back with SPF 65...awesome.

    Whatcha gonna do on your you time? Sounds like an excellent idea. Have fun decompressing.


  3. ooops, my pal did her research in would be weird if you needed sunscreen for all research, regardless. although, maybe that could be cool. mandatory caribbean research?