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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No "after picture", hail instead

I'm not ready to show you the pictures of the painted basement because, well, I'm not done painting. I'm all done with the walls, but now need to touch up the baseboards and ceiling from where we spilled over. It happens. Especially when you think the baseboards have been taped when in fact they have not.

I'm hoping to finish up the white (baseboards and ceiling) tomorrow and have the furniture back in place once J gets home from work so that I can take the "after" pictures while it's still light out. Fingers crossed for tomorrow's blog post to include these pictures.

Yesterday, my painting was interrupted by crazy loud rain and then hail. Hail! In June! It was awesome!

P365 Day 168 June 16  IMG_2560 (Medium)

I frantically called J at work and then my mom across town, but neither had hail. At least I was able to talk to someone when I was outside taking pictures and ran into my neighbour doing the same. Obviously, we are Canadian.

It was just incredible. The neatest thing was the little mountain of hail at the bottom of the downspouts.

IMG_2566 (Medium)

My painting today was interrupted by some shopping for 1) more paint, and 2) other stuff. Other stuff included a wee present for Big T (happy birthday!) and some fun placemats for the dining room table.

P365 Day 169 June 17  IMG_2576 (Medium)

For tomorrow, which is my last day off, I will be painting (as I've mentioned already), getting groceries and doing laundry. I have to vacuum the basement and move the cat litter back down there. I have to buy a gift for the wedding I'm going to Saturday and one for J's mom who has a birthday coming up. I just might top it all off with some chicken and ribs downtown with friends.

Then it's back to work and I think I'm ready. I never thought I would say that.


  1. I never thought that hail would come pouring out of the downspouts. Weird but very cool!

  2. Whoa! Crazy! This is definitely the octoberiest june ever. Excellent pictures though.