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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Family, Friends and some gardening


My brother came home from being in Europe for the past year. After a lazy Saturday morning, we went to my parent's place to see him. The first thought that crossed my mind when I laid eyes on him was "long and curly hair!" It was nice to see him. He had a passport full of stamps and more foreign currency than I had ever seen.

P365 Day 153 June 1  IMG_2457 (Medium)

He's off again to the big city but we'll see him again at a wedding in just over a week.


Last night a van full of my friends pulled up to my house driven by A's mom and whisked me away to the country and a bridal shop so we could try on bridesmaid dresses. And did we ever. Between L and I I think we tried on 30. 40? 50? I don't know exactly but it was a LOT of dresses. There were some that were beautiful on the hanger and looked horrible on us, some maybes, some potentials and some like this one L is wearing - looks great from the front but the back is a disaster:

P365 Day 156 June 4  IMG_2479 (Medium)

We narrowed it down to three potentials and decided that more shopping was in order. Not last night though. I can't believe how tiring something like that is. Besides, by the time I got dropped off it was almost 9pm and the van still had another 30 or 40 minutes to go before settling into it's driveway.


I don't garden. When I lived with my parents I was young and never home and gardening was something my parents did. In university, well, I was in university. The only thing I could keep alive were basement bugs and five different types of mold. When we were living in our last place, J's parent's house, it felt so temporary and not ours that the most we ever did outside was mow the lawn (J) and trim the hedges (all J). So you see I have very little experience gardening.

My coworkers LOVE to garden and are constantly asking about my garden (what garden?) and telling me all about their plants and grass and dirt and flowers. The great thing about this, besides me honing my ability to appear interested, is the hand-me-down plants that my coworkers feel obliged to bring me.

Last year, I passed the plants along to my parents since we were still rocking the mud lawn. This year, I decided I was going to make a garden. The idea was so daunting that I almost let my new plants rot in the garage, but I didn't. J and I put in our first garden.


P365 Day 157 June 5  IMG_2487 (Medium)

And just so you know that I definitely didn't last the whole time without killing something, here's a shot of the grub graveyard formerly known as our driveway:

IMG_2485 (Medium)

We are proud little gardeners.

IMG_2489 (Medium)


  1. Haha, I love reading your blog! Do you have any other good pictures of the dresses? I would like to show the boss what you girls tried on :)

  2. Js camera has the picture of the three contenders but I do have other pictures. I wasn't sure you wanted them on the internet for the world to see so I will send them to you.

  3. Oh, and who exactly is "the boss"?

  4. Although I find it very difficult to believe, it's possible that she is referring to me. You know, the colour-blind guy.

    I like your garden! If you want to get really fancy I have some 1/4" soaker hose left over from our garden's irrigation system that you can use if you'd like. I think I also have almost all the extra bits that you'd need to hook it up to your faucet and impress the neighbours!