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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cobourg Wedding

Saturday morning my parents picked me up, after getting lost on the way to my house, and we went to Cobourg for W's wedding. W is a good friend of my brother and we all go way back. I hadn't met his wife, A, so I wasn't sure what kind of wedding this was going to be.

Thankfully, W and his family are very laid back and the ceremony was sprinkled with laughter so there was no fear of me crying.

IMG_2596 (Medium)

In between the ceremony and reception, we went to Boston Pizza for beer and drinks. It was me, my parents, my brother's GF, M, and two of their friends. The four of us split a team pitcher, which is ginormous. We had to walk back to the hotel which was a good way to work off some of the alcohol.

The reception started with a fake first dance and a slide show. Very cute. Finally dinner and dessert and speeches and more slide shows. Then the dancing. And the drinking.

IMG_2618 (Medium)

It was a tad wild but a ton of fun. We danced and drank and talked and laughed. We were back and forth between the reception and the hotel rooms. Let's just say that it was a great night. Congratulations to A and W! Oh my, "A&W".

Today we took the scenic route home. My parents in the front and me in the back with a very hurting N. We would stop and crack the windows so the puppy could have air. He slept the first 3 hours like that.

We did fun things like stop at the lake on the mountain. That was really neat with spectacular views.

IMG_2651 (Medium)

We took a ferry.

IMG_2661 (Medium)

We stopped in K-town for lunch. I hadn't been in forever and it was nice to be back, even if we didn't go by my old place. We had a nice lunch and got back on the road. We made it home around 5 or so.

J and I had a nice dinner and chatted about our weekends. I think Rolo missed me.

IMG_2678 (Medium)

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