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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baseball games and dads

My baseball team had a tournament this past weekend in Grafton. Where's Grafton you ask? Well it's near Cobourg, which is near Toronto. Grafton had some ball diamonds, an arena, a general store and The Bullpen, a local diner. And that's it. Cobourg at least had a mall and some restaurants and a hotel.

IMG_3014 (Medium)

We drove down late Friday night. Played 4 games on Saturday and drove home even later Saturday night. We won one game and lost three and didn't advance to the semi finals Sunday.

My body is not used to playing four games in one day. I don't think we've played four games so far all season let alone in one day. I was mighty sore Sunday.

Getting home at 3am after a long day of physical activity and sun and driving is harsh. We slept like the dead.

Since we were home for all of Sunday, we made the most of it and went out and got presents for our dads for Father's Day. We got my dad some barbecue tools and marinade and got J's dad new sawhorses. We spent a while with my parents and then had dinner with J's family.

Father's Day was more "Rainbow Day" for us since it rained so much.

P365 Day 167 June 15  IMG_2555 (Medium)

We got home around 9pm and prepped the basement for painting. Here is the "before" picture. You'll have to wait for the finished shot.

IMG_3033 (Medium)


  1. I'm excited to see the new paint colour!

  2. I love how bright and open your basement is. Definitely a great place to watch some movies.