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Friday, May 30, 2008

Turin and Franfurt and the drive Home

From Florence, we hopped back on the train and headed to La Spezia where we changed trains and headed back to Turin. We found a little hotel in Turin a fair walk from the train station. A walk not a march this time.

100_2288 (Medium)

We had out last Italian meal at a pizzeria practically next door to the hotel. And spent a lot of the night catching up on the internets that had happened in the previous week.

226_2607 (Medium)

The next morning we set out to find the best chocolate shop in town, according to the hotel owner's son who spoke English. Turns out, it was a really great place and we all bought a fair amount of chocolate after tasting a whole bunch.

100_2289 (Medium)

We got to the train station to catch a cab to the airport. The taxi driver's English was better than our Italian, but not by much. We quickly established that we were in town for a wedding and he kept trying to tell us that "matrimony" was no good and seemed happy to hear that none of us got married.

We got to the airport very quickly due to the cabby's crazy fast driving only to find out that our flight to Frankfurt had been cancelled due to a worker's strike in Milan. They got us on a later flight and gave us free lunch. We took our time eating because they give you so much food and took our time going through the airport since we had hours to kill. R bought some internet time so we internetted and read and complained and took random pictures until it was finally time to go.

The flight between Turin and Frankfurt wasn't very long so we were soon landing in Franfurt. I had the aisle seat but am sure we flew over the alps because of this picture J managed to get:

226_2670 (Medium)

We found a super mega deal online for two executive suites at a fancy hotel. Only the hotel room on my wedding night compared to these rooms. And the view of the Franfurt skyline was amazing.

226_2676 (Medium)

We headed to the hotel restaurant for food and beer. We were in Germany afterall. The waiter came to our table and we ordered 4 beer. His only question was "small or large?" Don't you just love it! We ordered large ones, obviously.

100_2302 (Medium)

The other thing about Germany, or maybe it was just this super expensive hotel, was that they have a million and one types of ketchups and sauces that they bring to the table. Wow, selection. I didn't actually like the "house" beer so I ended up with a smooth pilsner that did its job and got me drunk enough that I didn't understand the bathroom doors. In my defense, I was looking for the typical picture of a man and a woman at about eye-level. Instead, silhouettes of a man and a woman took up half the respective doors. Too big picture for me. At least in my state.

The skyline was even more impressive at night:

226_2692 (Medium)

The next morning we went back to the airport to catch our flight home. Our sound wasn't working so no movies for us on the 8-hour flight and no sleeping to we were zombie-ish and had two hours of driving ahead of us. The drive was uneventful.

100_2325 (Medium)

The cats were mega happy to see us but the washing machine was groaning with all the loads of laundry it had to do.

My first time in Europe was a lot of fun. My first trip with friends went better than I thought it would. All in all a great trip. Thanks for following along. Back to our normal programming soon enough.

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  1. I quite like you story about the taxi driver and his views on matrimony. "No sir, none of got married . . . here." ;-)
    Thank you for the play by play of your trip. It was a lovely photo essay!