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Monday, May 19, 2008

Italy - The Wedding

Quite possibly the post you've been waiting for. C and S's wedding. It was Saturday, May 3rd, at a farm between Turin and Asti. The four of us woke up early, somewhat hungover, and got ready. We practically ran from our apartment to the main square where the convoy was meeting. This was our first time meeting a lot of S's Italian friends. Everyone was all decked out and ready to party.

Five of us crammed in a little Clio, a cute typical European car (i.e. it was a tiny diesel).

100_1783 (Medium)

We were treated to an hour-long drive through beautiful country side and sometimes through little towns complete with streets hardly wide enough for our little car let alone two cars to pass going in opposite directions.

100_1775 (Medium)

Since C and S had already been married back in November, this was a fake ceremony with two friends officiating / emceeing. Both sets of parents did readings and C and S both said their vows. Everything was translated from English to Italian and Italian to English.

100_1802 (Medium)

It was a nice little ceremony. After the ceremony we all drank wine that S's dad had purchased the year she was born - a neat Italian tradition - and ate munchies. S's friends played "Going to the Chapel" for them.

100_1815 (Medium)

Then there was dinner. A 10 course dinner. I can't even remember everything we ate because it lasted two and a half hours or so.

100_1819 (Medium)

We were at a table with C's family from Canada so we talked a lot about the weather (obviously) and our trip so far and to come. There were speeches, again translated into the other language, and cake cutting and eating, a rowdy game of ultimate, goat-watching and eventually dancing and drinking and more food.

100_1860 (Medium)

100_1867 (Medium)

100_1913 (Medium)

Congratulations to C and S!

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