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Saturday, May 31, 2008

I am officially getting old

So much has happened in the past few weeks since we got home from Europe. All these things have stopped me from fully going through all the pictures from the trip. I will get through them all eventually and once I have I will link to the set on Flickr of my favourites. I won't ask you to look through 1200+ pictures.

So let's list it up so I won't forget to tell you something important.

1. I dyed my hair. It's about time I see for myself whether blondes do in fact have a better time. I've wanted to go blonde for a long time now and finally did, the day after getting home. Here is a picture of my freshly-dyed hair and my pretty orange cat:

P365 Day 133 May 12  228_2811 (Medium)

2. We bought a new lens for the camera. It's a Sigma 10-20mm. We've wanted a wide angle lens for a while and now we have one.

P365 Day 132 May 11  227_2704 (Medium)

3. We went to Andrew Hayden Park to test out the new lens.

228_2854 (Medium)

And we saw baby gooses!

228_2870 (Medium)

4. J's sister received a medal for her work in Afghanistan.

P365 Day 143 May 22  229_2924 (Medium)

5. Race Weekend. I didn't run for the first time in 4 years, but had fun cheering everyone on.

IMG_2977 (Medium)

IMG_2994 (Medium)

6. Beach volleyball season started. J played pairs Monday night and we played 4s Tuesday night. I have bruises on my legs and arms and my back hurts from being barefoot, but it was fun. I like our 4s team.

IMG_2423 (Medium)

7. S asked me to be a bridesmaid!! It's my first time and I'm so excited! Ask J who's had to put up with me pestering me all the time saying bridesmaid over and over. S hosted the girls at her place for dinner and drinking Wednesday night. L and I got to meet J, the third girl. It was a really good night. And for the record, I think this is a great picture of the three of us.

IMG_2426 (Medium)

8. My baseball team hosted a fundraiser at Absolute Comedy. We didn't make a ton of money but it was a good night. It was nice to be out with some coworkers and some friends and some family.

IMG_2427 (Medium)

9. The biggest news, which I've been holding in for the past 3 weeks while I finished blogging about the Europe trip is that I went to the optometrist and found out I need glasses. I only need them when I'm at the computer for extended periods of time (i.e. at work) but the whole idea makes me feel really old. When I found out, I immediately called me mom. I didn't even know what to think.

To combat the getting old feeling, I got a pair that are fun and purple. At least I can stay hip and fresh while getting old. What do you think?

IMG_2435 (Medium)

10. Hmm, I don't have another point, but I couldn't leave it at only 9. Right, I guess that tells you something about me. Anyways, I feel better now that we're all caught up. Don't you?


  1. back to blogging with a vengeance! It's nice to see.

    ps I think the glasses look great in the photo. Twenty bucks says that I'll forget about them and not notice the next time I see you in person...

  2. LOVE your new hair colour!