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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Missing Title

Friday night I was looking forward to staying in but that didn't happen. We went for dinner with J's mom and sister and then, since one of J's coworkers "won" tickets to Absolute Comedy, we went with him and his girlfriend and met S&L there. The show was pretty good, definitely some good jokes we've been mentioning since. We were home not too late and in bed soon after.

I keep waking up cold because J ends up with all the covers (he always turns one way and takes the covers with him) so I came up with a genius plan to put the comforter sideways. Friday night was our first night like that. It worked pretty well, but last night it worked great! I had complete coverage all night, even with the cats taking up most of my half of the bed. It was awesome.

After a huge sleep-on yesterday, I went to the mall to return the dress I bought Monday. Thursday after work we'd gone out to a bar downtown with S&L and two of their friends and stopped by the big mall afterwards where I saw a dress that I liked more than the one I bought. So I went and returned it and got a nice shirt instead and picked up the other dress. I think I'm finally happy with it. It will be my dress for C&S's wedding in Italy in May, I think. I still have to find out how formal it will be.

Last night was a surprise birthday party for J's coworker, Luc. Happy birthday, Luc!

100_1322 (Medium)

His girlfriend, Steph, put together the whole surprise which worked out really well. J and I rock-paper-scissored to see who got to drink and I won. I had rum punch with grenadine, to remind me of Cuba. It's a good drink. Since the party started so early, we were home relatively early.

Today, J was working in the garage and in the driveway, trying to melt all the snow. I went out and helped a little. It's so nice now that it's sunny and warm out.

P365 Day 97 April 6  100_1352 (Medium)

And we have some grass showing now:

100_1334 (Medium)

I took a really fun picture of myself reflected in J's sunglasses. It's my new favourite picture of the two of us.

100_1358 (Medium)


  1. I must say, that is a pretty awesome picture! I took a pic of papa en mama once through the passenger's mirror of the car when they were in the back seat and Alan is driving. My mom's hair is blowing every where and my dad is making fun of it, but they are laughing and look so happy, I love that picture. For some reason yours reminds me of it. Haha, I'm getting all emotional. How funny is that :)