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Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy birthday, Alan!

P365 Day 101 April 10  100_1409 (Medium)

Sylvia, L and I had planned a surprise potluck dinner for Alan's birthday. It all came together nicely and S, L and I surprised Alan with our singing and balloon throwing and general showing up at his door. We had a good meal and good birthday pie.

Alan was the lucky recipient of an XBOX 360 and now the proud owner of RockBand. We are expecting the news of a new tv any day now.

Before heading over, we blew up a dozen or so balloons. They were a multipack from the dollar store, which I would not recommend. They tasted awful and included one rogue peach-coloured balloon. S blew up Peach real big. She definitely had her moments during the course of the night. She got a pretty (ugly) face makeover at one point and then threw herself at S who was not impressed. The rest of us loved it.

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Other news is that J got his other two wisdom teeth out Thursday afternoon. We had a nice weekend, spent most of our time at home. I didn't feel well most of Saturday, but was a trooper and trailed after J to Canadian Tire and McDonalds and other places. He had this elaborate plan for the garage that I completely couldn't picture, but he pulled it off and now the windsurfer lives on the ceiling. He also got a peg board and has organized his tools (picture to follow). Guys everywhere will be impressed.

We stopped by to see my parents. I got this cute picture of Maxie:

100_1444 (Medium)

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  1. Haha! That's a great picture of Alan, and also of Sean.. Ooohh Peach haha.
    She was floating over top of our heat vent the other day, she was staring at me as I walkd down the stairs, it was kind of creepy...