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Thursday, March 6, 2008


Yesterday was a long, bad day. It started out with us getting the car stuck in the snow in the driveway on our way to work. I mean, on our way out of the garage. There was enough snow that our little car could not make it. After much spinning of tires, we got the car back in the garage and started shoveling.

Shoveling was hard work and shoveling makes me sweaty. In my work clothes. Good thing I keep deoderant at work. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We're still in the driveway shoveling and sweating. It's awesome. I don't know how long it took us, but finally we were able to leave and thankfully we didn't get stuck on the street.

I guess a lot of people listened to the dumb girls on the radio (J hates all the female readio personalities in this area. Ask him about it sometime) and stayed home because the drive in to work was uneventful.

Work was a long day. I don't have specifics, but the overall feeling of the hours passing like years and the day never ending, even though we got the stand-down order at 3pm. From what I can remember the drive home was also uneventful.

We followed the plow onto our street. It was one of those big big plows and he was careening side to side pushing the snow sometimes off the street and sometimes not. He left us a nice 3-foot pile of snow. Fine. We parked the car on the road and went to get the shovels. Did I mention that I had a well-developed blister from the morning's shoveling?

Our neighbour has been really good to us since he got his snowblower so we shoveled the bottom of our driveway and of his, but we cheated. Our four-car-wide driveways are only a car-and-a-half-wide at the bottom. Oh well. Over an hour later, the driveway was done, a little path to our neighbour's garage was shovelled and our walkway and front step were shovelled. Do I ever want to see snow again? No.

Not even an hour after getting inside and massaging my frost-bitten legs, I had to leave for hockey. I piled my gear and myself in the car drove out of the garage without incident and onto the street again without incident. Until I come to three cars parked so conveniently all in the same spot on the street so that no car could pass between them. Genuises live on my street. I backed up and turned around in my driveway. Our street goes out two ways so I went the other way. I should have listened to the signs and stayed home, but I powered on.

The driving was slow and I was going to be late for my game. I get to the arena with justjust enough time to get dressed and on the ice for the puck to drop. And then the car gets stucks in the snow in the parking lot. I went in to tell my team that I was there but that I would be in the parking lot trying to get my car unstuck. I finally did and parked on the road and ran back. I got on the ice with two minutes left in the first period. My whole team had showed up so there were 5 off us on defense. I played hardly at all and didn't sweat. So not worth it.

It was my job to pick up dinner on my way home. I turn into the usual Quiznos parking lot and struggle to get through. Quiznos was closed and since the parking lot hadn't been plowed I was using my speed to get out of it. I almost launched the car into a truck going from the unplowed parking lot to the plowed main road. Awesome.

I decided to go to the Subway close to home and manage to get there without getting the car stuck or getting in an accident, but I was fighting back tears. I really should have stayed home. The Subway was open and a good looking 20-something guy was working. I finally made it home and plopped on the couch to eat my sub and drink my Coke (we haven't had Coke in the house for a while and I find myself craving caffeine) and eat my gooey cookies.

All the snow and the shoveling and the blisters and sore muscles and slipping and sliding was quite enough for one day. And the worst part? We have more snow coming Saturday. If the weather forecasters are to be trusted, we can expect another 50cm. Add that to the 350 or so we've already had this year. Incredible. I can feel my personal day off coming up. For my sanity and my aching muscles.


  1. Unreal story!

    It's warm and we got a little snow the other day, but nothing like what you're describing. It definitely makes me glad I don't really drive much anymore, especially in that stuff.

    Although, there is a small part of me that would love to have all your snow (the nondriving part, obviously). It would mean a couple more days on our beaten up old skis and I could fake my brain into thinking that it's earlier in the season than it is...meaning more time for the old thesis ;-)

    So, if you can find a way to send all the snow my way, we can help each other out!

    Also, I am way glad you didn't slam into that truck, for a bunch of reasons. Talk to ya soon?


  2. Yeah, what captain pants said! that sucks. I think we need another night off together you me and the rum the rate my week is going too. Although I dont think saturday sounds like it is going to be an option reading your previously described snow experiences. Mental health days are soooo worth it! It's friday :)

  3. Ps. you know you havent been blogging in a long time when you forget the password to your account :(